Friday, January 13, 2012

Giveaway Winner & Other Ramblings

Good morning!  Well, today I've got a bit of randomness and at the end I'll announce the giveaway winner.  

First off I wanted to show you this cute little alarm clock from LLBean.  I've never ordered a thing from LLBean, but got their catalog in the mail and was immediately smitten - isn't it cute?  It comes in four colors.

As you may know, I set out on a little quest to find a useful and aesthetically pleasing clock for my nightstand last spring and ended up choosing this one from Pottery Barn.  Alas, I must report to you that I am not very happy with it, the problem being that the dots next to the numbers are the only part that light up and if you're far-sighted it's very hard to see what time it is in the middle of the night. Oh Well!  Because I am certainly not acquiring any more things at the moment.  I am PURGING.

 {Purging Proof - yuck}

In support of this cause I have successfully avoided target for a whole month Target.  
This is an accomplishment.   
It seems impossible for me to get out of there without A. spending more than $50 and B. buying some sort of clearance "decorating" item.  Not to mention that it's probably not too soon for me to begin the withdrawal process as the closest Target to our new hometown in Iowa is....50 minutes away.

On a related note, this drawer is on my tackle list for today.  Do I really need a whole drawer of cloth napkins???? Surely not..... Oh dear.  Looking forward to sharing my progress and how I put together with my Master List for our home next week.

In addition to these purging projects, I'm going to be at my desk doing my bookkeeping job.  My sweetheart has kindly offered to watch the kiddos, so I hope to get a lot done.   Wouldn't it be lovely to do bookkeeping in this little office?


This one would probably be more maintainable.

 Alright, completely non-practical to do real office work- but so pretty.  I love these colors.

Alright, enough day dreaming.  Finally, the winner of the little everyday lovely giveaway - this 2012 Anthropologie calendar/tea towel and my favorite JR Watkins soap.

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 #82 is Miss Karen H!
Please contact me, Karen, at, and I'll get your teatowel and soap off to your home quick-quick!

Hope you have a very lovely {and pleasantly productive} weekend! : )


  1. 50 miles away?!?!? oh, sweet thing! i would have issues with that! but on the bright side, you will probably save a ton of $$. ok, i'm off to target...really i am :)

  2. I love that sweet little clock, Cailan (especially in blue)! Good on you for sticking to your plan and purging (not replacing!!). I can't wait to see how your napkin drawer turns out. Wishing you a lovely weekend :)

  3. I love the non-practical but adorably CUTE aqua-colored office pic! :-)
    Hope you're enjoying a most happy Friday!

  4. Use this coupon online with LL Bean and receive 20% off!
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    Almost 10$ off the cute clock!

  5. Love that alarm clock, my dad has the same one in the tan-ish color. P.S. I included you in a post so go check it out :)