Monday, January 2, 2012

Bit of Redecorating Fun


 Look!  It's a wee little Everyday Lovely button!
{not fully activated yet...getting to that part momentarily}

 So yesterday you may have noticed I did a bit of redecorating.   Quite thrilling as I had been hoping for something just so ever since making my original header in Picnic when I started this little blog last March.   

My new header was made by the talented Jenna of q.a.designs.  


Up until now I had done all my extremely basic blog design myself.  I wanted something more reflective of my taste {not my design skill level} but I was a bit skeptical how well working with someone via email on a design concept would go.  

Jenna was so lovely to work with.  I was rather particular and had a rather specific idea in mind, and she was so patient and altogether forbearing.  Early in the process, I knew I wanted some kind of curvy frame for the title and Jenna directed me to to look for one.   I showed her an idea that I wasn't very sold on and she replied in an email that "yes that will work great but i definitely want you to find one you love."

Knowing that she was dedicated to coming up with something I loved - not just was contented with - encouraged me so much early on in the process that by the end I would have something that really fit me.   So yes, she was wonderful to work with.

For now I just did a new header and this little logo/potential button, but I very much look forward to doing a bit more in the way of a header and perhaps wallpaper? with Jenna as time {and funds} allow.  ; )

You can find Jenna's site and all her lovely designs {HERE}.


  1. Hi Cailan. Your new look header is just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the link to Jenna's site. Happy New Year to you.

  2. Oh Cailan...your new header is beautiful and so "you"!! I just love it and I am excited to see what else you do:). I really want to give my blog a little different look, too:).


  3. Just love it! So very pretty, friend!!!


  4. Beautiful, Cailan!! Such a wonderful design make-over. Love it!!!

  5. i love it! it is very much you! cute, clean and fresh :)