Monday, January 30, 2012

I Found It! A Lovely Pillow

Isn't it beautiful?  It's a hand-drawn, silkscreen print by Jenna Rose.  I stumbled upon it over at the inspiring Birch & Bird site and was instantly smitten.  She's created such beautiful prints, but the ships are my favorite.  I love the movement of the waves.

Also love this bag in the same print ...but I think the pillow will be what makes it to my birthday wishlist. : )

Jenna also makes these lovely bucket hampers.  Wouldn't one of these be so fun in a little boy's room?  (imagining it in the ship pattern, of course, though this honeycomb would be lovely in the right setting, too)

Also taken with this anatomy of a bicycle print - would be such a fun gift.

Here's also a little bucket in her "tree house print".  Such a handy little bucket, especially useful for storing and toting your needlework.  Someday I will start crocheting again and then, I will most certainly need one of these.

You can find these and Jenna's other beautiful creations at her Etsy shop {HERE}.

Note: this is not a paid advertisement. 
Just had to share the talented Jenna Rose with you quick-quick.

Off to have a hopefully lovely, productive Monday morning - payroll tax reports are due and the laundry room is flooded....with laundry.

Good times : )


  1. Such beautiful things! Thanks for sharing. I hope your morning was productive!

  2. so cute! i think my girls need that last bag for their knitting supplies!
    :) xo