Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pink Toes, Happy Feet

I've only gotten a pedicure a few times in my life - a couple times at a salon and a sweet number of times by Sister, who never failed to give me a couple during my pregnancies.  To be frank, it feels a little pointless as I'm a died-in-the-wool barefoot gal.  All seasons of the year will find me about the house barefoot and in summer I rarely find I need shoes outside.  Consequently, my feet have taken on a bit of a....hmmmm, prehistoric feel - full of callousy bumps and rough sides and unpleasant nail beds.  So yes, foot care has never been real high on the priority list.

Nevertheless, whenever I do get have pretty toenails, something wonderful happens.  I instantly feel uber feminine, full of grace, obviously attractive.  It's like magic.

For Elizabeth's wedding I got a pedicure.  She was having hers done the morning of the wedding,  so I brought us some breakfast fruit and we did it together - just me and her.  It was a really sweet time. 
  Here's my feet after the gal had grated off a nice little pile of yuck, dead skin off and made the nails look manageable. 

And an after picture.  Normally, hot pink wouldn't be my color of choice, but for the sake of the dress, I did it.

 Since then, I am actually trying to use this little pumice stone/brush I got from Target.   Once your feet look pretty, one is a little motivated to try to keep them that way.

Not that I've given up my barefoot ways, but despite numerous barefoot runs around the corner to Sister's, I can report that my feet still look rather fine - maybe a little worse for wear - but the magic certainly hasn't worn off.

Yikes.  Promise no more pictures of my feet for a nice, long while. ; )
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  1. i am so proud of you for getting a pedi sissy! once every 5 years is well worth it. ;)

  2. Pedicures are the best! I started getting them about ten years ago and I love the look of freshly painted toes as I (too) walk around barefoot all year. I used to get the same color over and over, but now I'm venturing into more fun, playful colors. I'm currently rocking a color called Louisiana Hot Sauce that is the EXACT color of Franks Red Hot. So much fun!

  3. I have never ever had a pedicure, but your feet look so lovely, I may have to try it! I LOVED your hot pink dress, looked so wonderful!


  4. I am the same way, and I think I've only actually had a pedicure at a salon once in my life. I love the feel of freshly painted toes though, so I try to at least do it fairly often myself. Which ends up being like maybe three times a year. I'm trying to get a little more regular with it though!

  5. I adore pedicures! It makes me feel good all over! I don't have pretty feet but when my toenails are painted (a lovely mauve) I love to wear sandals and hope that no one notices my long narrow feet! I think your pink toes are lovely!

  6. love this!! i had not had a pedi forever and my feet missed it! You're gonna be hooked now :)