Monday, June 4, 2012

My Hot Pink Betty Dress

Last Friday found me in this pink dress and walking down the aisle in my dear friend, Elizabeth's wedding as her matron of honor.  Attempting to be the most devoted matron possible, I left my camera at home and carried around her make-up bag instead.  Consequently, no pictures.  Which of course I regret a little now. ; )  But I did want to show you this dress, so I slipped it on yesterday.  I don't have my pearl necklace on, or even the right bra on...that ahem, filled it out a bit better, but you get the idea.  I loved wearing this dress.

And there's a story behind it!  All five other bridesmaids actually wore blue at the wedding - the dresses were all handmade by one of the gals and lo and behold, three weeks before the wedding she realized she was behind and wouldn't be able to complete them all...mine in particular.  So the groom, of all people, had the idea of putting me and the best man's vest in their other wedding color - bright pink.  I confess this idea did not thrill me...bright pink has a way of drawing attention.  But they were sure it would be impossible to match the blue.  

So, I was goingto order a clearance dress from David's Bridal, when I happened upon this one online from Banana Republic.  A Betty Dress from their MadMen collection no less!   But alas, they only had a size 4, and while I'm generally a 6 (maybe a 4 on a non-cookie day) this dress runs two sizes big.

So here comes the best part!  While in San Fransisco last week, I walked into a Banana Republic, was handed a 40% off coupon, walked over and found a 2!  In the end I got the dress for $37.  
So yes, I was tickled pink. 

And look - it even has pockets!  It does not get better than this, my friends.
You better believe I had so much fun wearing this dress.   Sweetheart likes it too, and thinks I should make it my new "house dress". ha.

Here's a picture of my bouquet. 

Wish I had a picture of my hair.   I hadn't given it much thought - pigtails, maybe?  ; )  But a couple days before, Sister said, "So, I've been thinking about what we should do with your hair..."  She's so thoughtful like that, and she ended up putting it in such a pretty side, twisted in the back, loose side bun - perhaps I'll have her recreate it.  Here's the one picture mum snapped with her phone. 

So it was fun, but I'm a bit relieved to have the wedding over.  It was our last big event, and with just three weeks left before we move I kind-of needed it to be!  Yikes.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!


  1. Gorgeous dress! There's just something about the cut of the clothes from the 50s/60s that is just so feminine and lovely.

  2. Such a lovely dress! You are too lucky to have found it for such a great price! Have a great Monday!

  3. What a find! And such a neat story to it all - now I want a pink dress! :)

  4. Such a pretty dress and it's so nice that you can wear it after the wedding. So many bridesmaids dresses are only worn once only to be shoved far back into the closet. Beautiful color too.


  5. you are so cute! LOVE the pink on you! that's definitely a beautiful color on you, Cailan! So wonderful to read how God provided :-)
    I hope you can have Meagan do your hair one more time so we can see pics!

  6. you wore a MAD MEN dress!! that's so cool!! and 40%off is SUPER awesome! way to go, girl!

    how are you doing?? when's the big day?? are you getting packed??

  7. Wow! Pretty. Great deal find, you perfect trim little size 2 you ;)

  8. so beautiful!!! I'm so glad you took some pics so we could see it... and I love the bouquet too. Thank you for sharing the behind-the-dress story ~ God is so amazing like that! I want to see your hair too! :-) Praying for you these last few weeks!

  9. Cailan - you looked beautiful in that dress :). Just stopping by your blog to say hi!

  10. PS - your mom looks amazing! Tell her hello from me, as well!