Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Little Cowboy Campfire

Sister is really good at impromptu fun.

The other day the cousins delivered this invitation for a Cowboy Campfire.
Much excitement ensued.

That evening we headed around the corner and found this sign welcoming us into the backyard.

She had a table set up with all the necessaries for s'mores
(and wet washcloths for sticky fingers : )

Not having had a lot of s'more experience,
we needed a little help from our Aunt and Uncle campfire experts.

S'more-making is quite the art.

Requires much skill and concentration.

But, of course, completely worth the effort in the end.

Savoring these last around-the-corner-days,
remembering there will more sweet days together....just not around-the-corner days.


  1. how precious. I love seeing pics of you all!
    what a fun thing to do together. everyone looks so happy with their gooey yumminess! :-D

  2. Such fun times! And what a creative idea! :) Happy packing and moving to you guys!