Monday, June 11, 2012

Closet Analysis Party!

What to wear.  It seems to be most every girl's daily conundrum, and Sister, my mum and I are no different.  Lately we'd been contemplating how helpful a closet overhaul would be, especially with some outside help - it's so hard to be objective in the closet!  So Sister and I decided last Mother's Day we would give give our mum the gift of our time and spend an afternoon/evening going through her closet, putting together outfits, and even taking pictures of approved combos for future reference.  Of course, it was loads of fun.

Here's the adorable invite Sister made.

Sister took the official photos for a little photo-flip book for Mum to keep in her closet.  I think we took shots of about 25 outfits - pretty much every spring/summer item in her closet in every combo possible. I just snapped a few of them on my iphone.
The creative energy in the room was tangible, I tell you.

 So fun to figure out ways to wear these shoes, and lament I don't have littler feet. ; )


And part of the fun was the food, naturally.  We started with dessert: brownie-cookies from Whole Foods.


Then later had simple, yummy girl food: salad, smoked salmon, crackers, cream cheese, and capers. Yum.

Then back to work!  And it was work, keeping all those creative juices flowing and trying to consider so many factors - the fit, color, wearability, shoes, accessories.  It was a serious brain work-out.

 Mum just got these Dankos this season and we were impressed with how much they went with.  Dankos are the best for comfortable footware, though they can be a little on the clunky side.  These however felt very feminine, and the nude is so versatile and great for making your legs look longer.


Loved these skirt outfits.

Oh, it was such good times!  I highly recommend you have your own closet analysis party quick-quick, or give one as a gift.  Mum was positively thrilled with hers.  We got rid of a whole pile of clothes, and now when she gets dressed, she pretty much knows just what to wear.  And yes, Sister and I are hoping for our own parties soon. : )


  1. you girls are simply the best! Every one can always use tips and help with putting outfits together. These are creative!
    How fun. And Sweet.

  2. What a great idea!! I want you girls to come to my closet! :) Such cute outfits your put together! :)

  3. How fun!!! It truly is a such a debate every morning. Outfits are super cute by the way.

  4. I love this idea! and your mother is always the cutest thing ever :-) Way to go for cheering us on in the creative department!!

  5. simply brilliant... and your mom is adorable. love the pants in the first and third photo, so flattering on her. AND the yellow sweater with the vneck shirt and scarf, amazing!

  6. How fun! What a great idea and a super gift to give your mother. Thanks for sharing!

  7. cailan...this is the COOLEST thing ever!!!
    can you come to my house???
    i will make you yummy food! promise!
    your mama has some serious STYLE going on! love it!
    you girls are so uber creative and fun i can hardly stand it!

  8. Holy cow, your mom has a great figure! I can't believe she's a grandma! How many kids does she have?? She has great fashion sense too.