Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A New Word for My Everyday

For awhile noticed myself "flapping" a bit more than is quite normal for me, or acceptable.  My voice seemed to have adopted a permanent higher decibel when addressing wayward little people.  I was just generally more easily stressed, irritated and worn out. 
 It was taking less to bring me to a point of utter exasperation.

Then I wrote this word on my chalkboard and I was cured!  Ha. 

But really, this bolstering word has lately been serving as a pointed reminder that God is in control and fully aware - and even allowing for my good - the whining, the pee all over  the floor, the irrational meltdown at the check-out counter, the whole family sick with the flu.  Believing this gives me peace and a gracious calm to meet whatever the day brings, not excepting red lipstick on linen pillow shams.
Really my main object in this post is to send you over to sweet Betsy's blog.  Betsy brought the word to my attention and encouraged my heart much in her post found {HERE}.


  1. What a great reminder that God is in control! Being a mom to small children can be so hard! The days are long but they go by so fast!! I'm trying to enjoy every second of being with my children, because they are worth it and I know I'll be so sad when they are grown and gone. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Thank you! I needed this word this week!