Thursday, September 8, 2011

Some Thank-You's & a 20/20 Update

Yesterday I was rather tickled to find the J.R. Watkins people noticed I am quite fond of their lovely soaps and lotions.   And while, no, it didn't result in any dandy freebies, they did write a nice little bit about my blog on the company's Clear Conscience Blog. 
I admit it made me feel rather special indeed.

They even posted my picture {HERE}.

And along the same lines - 

Here are a few lovely blogs that encouraged my heart with some completely kind features this summer.
Thank you so much, sweet ladies.

Be sure to pay them a visit!

And now, as I did commit myself yesterday to show you some of my progress, here are a couple projects I completed on my 20 Bags of Unloveliness Leaving My House! in 20 Days Challenge.

 Exhibit #1:  My Linen Closet. 

I was so thrilled to have one after doing without in our old apartment and keeping towels and such in my clothes closet.  But my gratefulness has sadly not always resulted in a tidy closet.  Yikes, quite decidedly unlovely.

Part of the problem was that there was simply too much trying to live here, so I got rid of a whole laundry basket full of old baby blankets and towels and full size sheets which very rarely or never get used. 

{Why yes, I did just take this picture quick-quick this morning without vacuuming.}

Exhibit #2:  My storage cabinet, located in the Sunroom.  

And yes, I deserve a very smart spanking for not taking a Before picture.  So frustrated with myself. Indeed, the project felt so overwhelming that after putting it off and off I spontaneously dove in with nary a thought of my camera.

So please try to imagine every square inch of the top of this cabinet and the shelf completely covered with vases, pitchers, and wreaths and flowers and bowls all precariously piled up, looking very much as if they will crash upon the brick floor below at any moment.  Also the inside of the cabinet was a mass of candles, vases, and craft supplies, stuffed on the shelves in really the most obnoxious manner you can imagine.  No joke.

{Why yes, I was quite oblivious to the multitude of toys underneath the cabinet until this moment}

Again too much was trying to live here and again I got rid of a great big boxful.  I added the baskets.  One holds candles, another vases, and the third some of my rarely used craft supplies. 
The picnic basket is just sitting pretty, but I will eventually use it for more of my personal craft supplies.

I moved the little people's craft supplies out and made this cabinet completely decor/serving-ware, bringing some pieces like the cake pedestals up from the furnace room so they will be handy and more likely to be used for spur of the moment hospitality.

It could be a bit prettier (and yes, probably a bit more purged), 
but it is a VAST improvement, so I'm satisfied for now.

Whew!  Thank you much, if you stuck with me through all of that.

Just Three more days to go!


  1. looks good! I love it when everything is clean and organized ...even if it only last a few days in my house.

  2. It looks great! I love the "after" feeling of organizing things.

  3. You have such lovely things in your homes. I love your decorating style and the pretty entertaining pieces inside your cabinet.