Monday, September 26, 2011

Found It!

My very own, worn and rusty, typewriter.

Is it just me or does she look pretty from every angle?

Awhile back I passed by an old grey Royal at the thrift store because it seemed a bit pricey.  It was just like like my letter-writing grandma's, and I heartily regretted it almost immediately.   

This weekend I got on Craigslist to look at garage sale adds, which I've only done once or twice.  I saw one that listed "antiques" and "vintage" - no listing of a typewriter, but I had an intuition.  

Friday morning I loaded up the kiddos as fast as I could manage three little pairs of socks and shoes and followed my map to the sale.  
This was the first thing I spotted and I didn't hesitate a snatch it up and ask for a her down to $20.  Still a good bit, but I was smitten.

She now has a substantial presence here, atop the roll-top desk. 

I'd still love to find an grey Royal like my grandma's.

But in the meantime, 
I'm feeling quite content with this old beauty.  

Hope you all had a lovely weekend - I'll be posting photos of my Fall Mantel tomorrow!

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  1. Hi,
    I have one very similar that I bought from a friend who was downsizing. I paid $20 also. I love mine. Yours looks right at home atop your roll top desk.

  2. that is beautiful! I would have paid $20 for it.. I've walked away from some items and immediately regretted it right away.. so now I just try to follow my gut. I admire your motivation to pack up your 3 kids and go to garage sales. I hate lugging all my 3 kiddos around so when we do go I have to be quick and efficient :)

  3. OH!!! 20.00!!??? What a steal -- good for you - she's a real beauty!

  4. that's cute, Cailan! and I love your adorable green vase on the desk too

  5. I love it! Fact is, I remember learning to type on a manual typewriter quite a few years ago!!