Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Green

I love the color green all year round, but it seems especially wonderful in the spring. 
Here's a collection of lovely Spring Green I have around.

Green Plants.
These boxwood finally made it home with me.  The first time at Lowes I bought them and then left them at the garden check-out counter with the intention of picking up them up after I walked my three kiddos back to the car.  Two days later I realized I never went back.   Anyway, they were worth the extra trip!  I happily discovered boxwood last spring.  For under $5 a plant they're a great value for a resilient indoor plant full of lovely character

Green Shoes.
It would be quite untrue if I denied that my heart skipped a beat when I spied these lovelies all by their lonesome on the rack in just my size - oh, happy day! My feet have never had so much fun.

Green Pillow.
On the same shopping trip I went back to Urban Outfitters and got another of these darling pillows.  
It packs about the cutest decorating punch possible for around $30.

Green Candle.
Actually just Green candle label :) I first saw this "Peaceful" candle recommended by sweet Alicia and was happy to find it at Target.  The Lavender & Eucalyptus smell would be refreshing and pleasant anytime of year, but I'm especially enjoying it for Spring.

Green Tea.
A cup of tea is so nice for drizzly spring days.  A few weeks ago my husband and I had our first Starbuck's date ever.  Shocking, yes.  But heretofore, he has been neither a coffee nor tea fan.  We both had some Tazo tea.  He "Refresh" and I "Zen", and he actually liked it.  Quite the exciting development.  Even after years of marriage, you just never know what you'll discover you have in common after all. 

Now we have a couple boxes at home.  I like that "Refresh" is bracing. : )

Green Shirt.
I'm spoiled to have a J.Crew Outlet nearby (though you can shop outlet online, too) This shirt was one of the treasures I found on the sale racks. It feels just right for spring...and St. Patrick's Day. ; )

Green Grass.
Sigh.  Spring is so lovely.

What spring green have you been enjoying?

love, cailan


  1. Green is my absolute favorite. Love that shirt, lucky score!

  2. I love green this time of year too. It's so refreshing and new and clean. And that shirt is adorable! miss you!


  3. I love springtime - this is such a cute post!


  4. Green is one of my favorite colors. Your shoes are such fun! I couldn't pull them off, but I am envious that you can! Love your green shirt and the pillow is sweet (today I am wearing a top that is very similar in color). Around here I've been enjoying the green of asparagus, and our gorgeous green lawn, which always looks prettiest in spring.

  5. Green is my absolute fav color:) LOVE the pillow!! And those shoes....I want!!

  6. oh are speaking to me!!! green is just perfecto, no? i love it too. thanks for the shout out, which reminds me i need a new one of those candles on my next target run. love those shoes too. are you my size? 8.5? be my neighbor so i can borrow them on occasion, k? just a thought ;)

  7. i pretty much love everything you have posted here, girl!
    especially those shoes!
    may i ask what brand they are?
    sooo cute!

  8. Love the pillow!!! And now... I am so ready to put some little "Boxwoods" in pots for the inside!! That is beautiful.... I am so enjoying getting my hands "dirty" so to speak!!!!! Spring is a wonderful season :)

  9. so cute, Cailan. Just love your new shirt :-) And that candle sounds relaxing...!