Thursday, January 19, 2012

I Broke My Target Fast

It was inevitable.  How long can a person really go without a little visit to Target after all?
In my defense, my primary reason for finally going was for returns...and then of course I had to check out their clearance end caps.

Good thing I DID.  Because I found these little Mrs. Meyer's Christmas candles, which I somehow missed seeing during the Christmas season.  I love this Iowa Pine scent, which heretofore I've enjoyed only in hand soap form.   And now Iowa Pine seems especially appropriate...kind of like it's made just for me, suppose? 

 And would you look at the cute little gift tag packaging.  I only bought two.  Ten points for self restraint.  But now I'm seriously considering going back and buying the rest - what better way to win the affection of my new Iowa neighbors next Christmas?  ; )

Does this stock-up idea jive with my purging plan?  Hmmm, feeling conflicted.

 Especially, considering they're on clearance at 1/2 of!  Deals like this only happen on Target end caps.  I highly recommend you check yours out quick-quick. 


  1. i love your attitude, sweet thing. and i love me some target too! i have a mrs. meyers candle that i love. it's orange-ish...can't remember the name. target is on my list tomorrow. wish me luck :)

  2. Personally, I LOVE Target, but have not been there since before Christmas. I Target-fast, too. And, can I just say, it is life-affirming to know that somebody else out there grapples with the ideas of stocking up vs. purging (especially with Target products, am I right? =) Have a beautiful day, Cailan! ~Sally

  3. oh gosh, Target is my weakness. I would love to go right this second and see if mine has any of these candles, but I wouldn't be able to walk out with JUST these candles.
    Also, I just stumbled across your blog and I'm so very glad that I did! Your pictures are beautiful and your home is amazing!

  4. I like to give all my money to target : )

    1. haha! this comment is great. i love giving all my money to target too!

  5. Wow, that Iowa connection is ironic and what a great price! I love pine scent, especially in the winter. I gave up Target, partly because it's not very close to my house (and the parking lot is a nightmare), and partly because I've been gradually decreasing the amount of things I buy. Trying to pare down, which feels good!

  6. I figure you deserve a little something, as a gift to yourself for all that purging :D Just sayin... Love the look of the little candles and they sound like they would smell divine! Enjoy. happy end of the week to you, Cailan x

  7. So happy for your find! I'd say go back - that is one awesome price!!! :) (and I have a REALLY hard time resisting a deal like that :) Love you!