Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Raspberry Tartlets Are Cute and Sweet

 Now,  once I find a good thing I stick with it.  While it's nice to be adventurous sometimes, I find that adventure in the kitchen can easily turn into left-overs that no one. ever. eats.  Quite discouraging.  So yes, I admit I mostly play it safe and glory in my tried and true recipes.  Case in point: when we needed some tiny desserts for a little (engagement!) party we had this last weekend I happily turned to my favorite-favorite Strawberry Dream Tart Recipe to make these little Raspberry Tartlets.

All you need are some of these itty-bitty-cutie, 2 1/2" tart pans like these available here.  Mold a little ball of tart dough into them and bake at the same temp until just golden brown.  Then I piped the cream cheese filling into them. And topped them with raspberries instead of strawberries for an sort-of elegant look. I think two strawberry halves would top it nicely too.

Here they are on the buffet table in all their sun-bathed glory. :) 
These would be perfect for a nice little Mother's Day Tea, or Mother's Day Coffee, or Breakfast, or Lunch... or really perfect Anytime.


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  1. Cailan! these are some lovely posts! I just love seeing your beautiful projects and the yummy treats that you're sharing. And I did see that you said these tartlets were for an *engagement* celebration - please pass on our congratulations!
    Love, ~Jennifer

  2. These look so delish! What a great blog! I'm a new follower!