Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Confronting the Front Closet

So I'm making slow but sure progress on getting 40 Bags of unlovely clutter out of 40 problem spots in my home.  Last week I tackled the front closet...it definitely got worse before it got better.

Much worse...

Finally, last night I made a run to Wal-Mart and wrapped it up.  It was important to me to make the closet look reasonably "pretty" not just functional.  I'm much more motivated to maintain a pretty space versus a merely functional space.
Just looking at it makes me feel so happy...and hopeful.  There is HOPE for the disorder in my life! Wahoo!

The bottom area used to store shoes, but since we always come in through the garage door, it wasn't necessary.  Extra shoes now belong in upstairs closets and the shoe shelf was re-purposed for my business supplies.  I'm not so sure about the aqua containers - they're kind-of fun and they were on clearance at Wal-Mart, but I might check the other Wal-Mart for cream ones today.

I was really happy about this discovery at Target.  I've always wanted wood hangers, but it seemed a bit pricey - about a $1 a hanger.  HOWEVER, at target you can by this box of 24 Suit Hangers for just over $13.  And Suit Hangers work just fine for coats and have the bar to hang tablecloths on - Hurrah!

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  1. so those are table cloths also hung up in there? Great idea!! The closet came out great. I think I have the exact same wood hangers.

  2. what a beautiful closet!!! and I (Jaimee) loooove the aqua... my fave color, and it just makes a splash of fun. But you have to use what YOU love. :) It's all looking so nice ~ you inspire me!
    love always,
    Jaimee and Jennifer

  3. The last time I cleaned closets my mother in law stopped by. Of course during the "it is at its worse before it gets better" part.

    She must have thought about it all the way home. She sent you an e-mail about living in chaos and how to fix that! hee hee

    Thanks for the tip on the hangers. I will be looking for those next time I go to Target.