Friday, September 14, 2012

Pretty and All in a Row


As I mentioned, finding homes for all the odds in ends that managed to make it from Colorado to Iowa was quite the job.  Somethings adjusted more easily than others.   Somethings sat about homeless for days...poor vacuum.  Somethings were just plain fun to put away.

In our old house this cabinet  housed china-type items.  But as it couldn't fit in the dining room it was around the corner in the library/living room, and so also kept books and miscellany fragile items.  In the end it looked too busy.  Now in the new house, the cabinet is at home in the dining room, and it was time to simplify.

 I seriously was channeling my inner Martha Stewart as I thought these shelves through - what would Martha do?  

I decided that Martha would group like items together - whites with whites, glass with glass, pattern with pattern. 

She would probably find another home for the odd blue and white pieces and the figurines.
She would try for some easy symmetry and balance. 

 And she would surely keep it as simple and clean-looking as possible.

I really love how it turned out, and like that the top is kept uncluttered too with the simple clock and pitchers.  It's a pleasant place to rest your eye.  Everything feels happily at home and even easy to get out and actually use.   What a lovely idea.

Martha would probably also have the glass doors clear and clean and the walls painted by now. 
Never mind that.


  1. I love seeing how you arranged your china and special dishes... very pretty, Cailan!

  2. Oh, who cares about Martha anyhow? :-) Y*O*U have such excellent style and taste... I'd take "what would Cailan do" any day! I've always loved this large china cabinet/buffet piece, and your dishes are so prettily seen in it. I love the "clean" look, even though it still fits a lot. Very practical. Good job, sweet friend! Can't wait to see more!

  3. That looks nice but, what really caught my eye is your picture ledge. I love the look of vintage artwork as I am working on a similar gallery wall. I really enjoy your blog. Thank you for sharing your move and ensuing projects.

  4. VERY martha!! looks great! i love your little paint chips stuck in the wall back there...happy painting!!

  5. I love this, Cailan, and I love Martha. I'm always consulting a sort of inner Martha, I find!

  6. Pooo...who cares what Martha thinks?! I love that cabinet and I love how you have all your pieces arranged in it. You did a BETTER job than Martha would do!

  7. Cailan, love your blog - but I just can't even read this very tiny font. Anything I can do on my end to make it bigger?

  8. Hey girl! I found you from my buddy Alicia's sweet blog and got totally sucked in, reading back stories about your move and drooling over your amazing photog skills. I just wanted to introduce my self and say HI.

    Blessings to you,

  9. Do I see some Old Britain Castles in that mix? That's my pattern :)