Monday, September 24, 2012

it's growing on me...

I've been living with this old, harvest gold, Frigidaire Deluxe double oven and electric range for about three months now.  I can't say it was the reason we bought the house, but it definitely has a certain charm.  And I have no complaints about it's performance.  It works quite well, and I really love using the smaller upper oven - heating it up somehow doesn't feel like the same level of commitment as heating the bottom larger oven - it's perfect for just a half batch of cookies.

I really do hope to have pictures of the whole kitchen soon...finally put the cabinet doors back on (on the bottom cabinets and pantry area) only to realize we somehow managed to paint a cabinet green that was supposed to be white.  Sigh.  So time to get the paint brushes out again!  Finding it hard to wrap up these projects...especially with fall in the air, cozy books to ready, and apple orchards to visit, and maybe this pumpkin bread to my Frigidaire Deluxe.




  1. :) i love it.
    i had an olive green refrigerator and matching stove at our old house. :)
    although the colors were interesting, we made it work, and they worked better than any new appliances out there!
    can't wait to see your beautiful kitchen! :)

  2. Retro, fun and functional. How can you go wrong. Looking forward to seeing the rest!

  3. Double oven envy over here. :) Sigh.

  4. Very cool. Sometimes old things are the best. They just don't make things the same today. I can't wait to see photos!

  5. When the oven that was in our house when we bought it went out, I bought a vintage 42 in range. I LOVE it. There is something so cute and homey about it. I look forward to celebrating your beautiful harvest gold appliances!

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