Friday, May 11, 2012

For Movie Night

In our home, my sweetheart is in charge of our Netflix queue.  We're both a bit particular in our movie tastes (he more than I), and so I leave it to him to gamble on what will be worth our while.  It is hard to find a good movie, right?   BUT every now and then he unearths something really wonderful.

This time he didn't have to go too far back - intrigued by some good (albeit mixed) critical reviews, he ordered The Fall, out in 2006. 

I loved this movie.

The film is set in the early Twentieth Century in a Los Angeles hospital.  A talkative little girl, Alexandria, is recovering from a broken arm, and an injured stuntmen, Roy, is recovering from a fall and is also brokenhearted over the loss of his girlfriend.  They become friends and he tells her a fantastic "epic" tale.   The movie is divided between the two stories: one based in reality and one in fantasy.  The reality story is so sweet because it includes all these wonderful scenes of Alexandria and Roy interacting together.  The dialog is great and the acting is superb.  I have never seen a child actor act so natural and believably.  She is completely unaffected and adorable.

The fantasy story is equally engaging and a complete visual treat, taking you all over the globe and presenting stunning visual after stunning visual.  Really beautiful.

After we watched the movie, I was confused to find out it was rated "R".   There was one minor swear word and no sex or nudity.   Some images are bloody and certainly scary for kids, but nothing too graphic.  Weird.  So I'd encourage you not to be put off by the unaccountable rating (or the eccentric-looking box cover).

Anyway, as it does seem so rare to come across a really good movie, I just felt I must pass along this find to you. : )

So what good movie have you seen lately?  Do you have any good recommendations for movie night?


  1. Hi Cailan,
    Thank you for the recommendation. I'm going to put it in our queue. Here's a few for you.
    The Shipping News....Kevin Spacey and Judi Dench Star.
    A Very Long Engagement (French) WWI Drama/Love story.

  2. Oh my gosh! This is my favorite movie of all time! I am always so happy when I find other people who also discover and love this story. I don't know why it got such mixed reviews. It is such a sweet "love story", the cinematography is stunning, the acting impeccable.