Sunday, April 29, 2012

Love Is in the Air

About six years ago, at this time of year I was just a few weeks from my June wedding...and I was in England with my mother for a last-hurrah-trip together.  It was of course very lovely to get to go together, but unfortunately I was about as loony lovesick as a silly bride-to-be could be, which made England a little hard to appreciate at the time...ah, young spring love. ; )

Six years later, we're getting ready to enjoy our last day of family vacation in Indiana while I also try to get some bridal shower invitations out for a dear friend who is presently at the height of her spring love.  I may have had fleeting grand aspiration of making the invites myself, but that soon passed and I ended up ordering some from Etsy. 

Was instantly taken with these, but the shop owner was very inconveniently on vacation as well and unable to assist last-minute-me.

So I ended up with these vintage lovelies instead, which was just as well as they were a bit more economical.  Going to make every effort to get them printed today!

So, I'm all set-up for a sweet, vintage-y themed two weeks.  {yikes} 

Any ideas for me???

Also wanted to share this little gift idea I've used a few times. 
Engagement is such a sweet, wonderful time, and though it seems people so rarely have engagement parties anymore it's fun to do a little something small to let the gal know that I am rejoicing with her in this lovely season of anticipation.

Was happy a couple years ago to find this little gift.

It's just a little something, and I always make sure to tell the bride that I have absolutely no expectation that she actually use them.   Firmly believe the bride should definitely have whatever "blue" she wants.  Unless of course, you're me, and you forget the something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue thing altogether.  I had a hard time engaging in any wedding plans, period. 

I found this at my local florist, but you can also get them {HERE}.
I love that it is just the sort of gift that is easy to tuck in an envelope and mail.

Aaaannd bringing lovering line of thought round full-circle back to my own little sweetheart...thinking I really need to get on board with Ms. Rebekah and start her Dinner at Eight, at-home date nights.  She has put together some of the loveliest dates for her and her hubby.  So inspiring.
You can read about her date-night project {HERE}.

Ever since I wrote about our date-night revival last summer, we have been enjoying a night out about every other week.  I think once you finally start date-nights, you wonder how you ever managed without them.   However, when we move to Iowa we'll be back to square one as far as babysitters go, so perhaps that will be a good time to try my hand at a little wifely thoughtfulness and do some home-dates.  Keep me accountable about that one, will you?  : )

Hope you're enjoying some of your own love in the air this spring.

with love,


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  1. Hey Cailan,
    Hop over to and go to her blog, Under the Sycamore. She photographed a lovely wedding over the weekend. You may get some good ideas for vintage lovely wedding showers!
    I had not heard of dinner at eight before, but Devin and I have a pact that at 7 pm every evening possible that we stop "doing" and just eat a nice dinner and relax watching tv or something together.