Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lovely Variety

I good blogger would prepare back-up posts, just in case something unpleasant like a stomach bug showed up.

So apparently, that good blogger is not me.

Sorry for the absence, but now that my tummy is somewhat back in order there is much catching up to do.  I would feel like quite the delinquent mama if I did not post some Easter pics, but half of them are still on Sister's camera, so perhaps tomorrow.

In the meantime...while convalescing I discovered some shoes....


made by the same company that made my happy green pair - Miz Moos.

And would you look at that!? They come in yellow! 
(I've always wanted yellow shoes...well, at least I've always wanted them for the last year or so)

Now, I found my happy greens at Nordstrom Rack, but I did discover that these shoes are currently on sale just a bit - not a Rack price...but Nordstoms does offer free shipping and returns on every purchase.  
And no, this is not a paid advertisement...just trying to pass on helpful information ; )

Brown is always so comfortable and cozy. 

And you better believe I'm having very dreamy thoughts about this blue.

Also one last helpful bit - (as if it were even possible that one could decide which color to get) this brand seems to run small.  I'm normally an 8.5 but got my happy greens in 9.5.  

I feel like I just got acquainted with cute/feminine shoes in the last year or so.  Since high school I've been a die-hard Birkenstock and Dansko girl.  Both brands I still and will likely always wear.  But I'm finding that some Variety is so nice.  : )




  1. I can't buy shoes, but IF i could, those are what i'd buy. In every color. My shoe taste has changed since i gave up money. (sigh)

  2. oh, my! i LOVE the yellow ones, too!
    so very adorable!