Monday, November 7, 2011

New Cavallini Calendars

 I've written before on how much I love Cavallini Calendars not only for the joy of beautiful prints to enjoy each month of the year, but also for the potential to use the prints for decoration once the year is past like I did in my front closet

In the past I always tried to wait to get on until January to buy a calendar at a discount, but it's been my experience that Cavallini sells out and after having to track one down in little shop in California last year, I decided I'd better just order mine in November. :)

After two years in a row of "Birds" I decided to branch out a bit and do "Butterflies" this year. 
I really do love the Birds, but I'm very happy with this one. 

 My kiddos are enthralled with these calendars.  We've already flipped through this one many times - we count the butterflies and pick our favorites, go over the days of the week and months of the years, and of course, talk about important matters like whose birthday comes in which month.

This year Cavallini came out with a Vintage Advertisement calendar, and it is so fun.
Thought about it for myself, but decided it would be a better fit as a gift for someone on my Christmas list.


Love this toaster for Christmas.

Here's all the 2012 Cavallini Calendars.  I got mine at  If you order over $25 you get free shipping and they often run a 15% off sale - you just have to watch it, or get on their email list so they'll notify you.  

Just today I went to the sight and they were offering $15 off your order if you signed up for email notices!

Now you can see it will be hard to choose!  
Perhaps this will give you an idea for some Christmas gifts too - 
have you started shopping yet?


  1. I love these too and they are so great for decorating--just like you said.
    Your closet is wonderful!
    I am going to have a hard time deciding which one to get.
    And thanks for the tip! I'm going to order today.
    Love from,

  2. Those are sweet. I love the garden one.. And the vintage one... Welll, all of them.

  3. I bought the one of Italy a few years ago and had each one framed. They hang in our breakfast room and I LOVE them!!! (ESP since we took a very late honeymoon to Italy!)

  4. You dont want to sell the butterflies one do you?? I have looked all over the internet and cannot find it...