Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's the Little Things - Christmas Edition

Oh, such a busy weekend!  I unwisely decided to start Christmas decorating before doing some basic clean-up and the result was quite the train-wreck of Christmas decor and Thanksgiving decor with dirty dishes, dusty furniture and laundry thrown in.  Anyway, we managed to pull it together somewhat in time for dinner with some good friends who stayed overnight on Saturday, which was lovely fun.

Tried to look about today and enjoy some of the little things - telling signs that Christmas is indeed coming. :)

English breakfast tea in my Brown Betty this morning.
{little hand helping to pour}

 Finally got new seasonal pictures in my easy-switch photo gallery. 
They make me happy.


 For me, this scent from Crabtree & Evelyn is the perfect smell for Christmas - perfectly piney.

I got some of these for a candy dish because they were appropriately green...
and I personally love at least a little chocolate after dinner.

And some pine-scented hand-soap from Mrs. Meyer's.  It smells wonderful.

What about your weekend?  
What little things have you been enjoying lately?


  1. I love your photo gallery idea! ANd there is no way I could have Andes mints in my house. I'd eat them in 5 minutes flat.

  2. well, i need to go buy some Andes Mints now... :)

  3. I love the candy dishes.

    ~Mrs. Delightful

  4. I too decided to decorate before doing a good clean-up job, and it was madness! My husband kept walking through the kitchen (where I had all the boxes strewn about) shaking his head saying "I hate Christmas!"! It took two days, but I finally got it all clean and decorated only to have to take it down in a month!!

  5. That photo gallery idea is the coolest! I need to check that out! even I can do that!

  6. this post beams with christmas spirit, LOVE it.
    agreed, that crabtree scent is the jam.

    happy day to you! xo