Tuesday, October 9, 2012

a little Orla Kiely in the house

Going to Target has always felt like something of a treat to me, even when it was just a five minute drive from my house.  Now the closest Target is 50 minutes away, making it a veritable Destination.
Don't worry, I've still managed to make it there about once a month. ; )  On my last trip I made a beeline to the hand soap section to find myself a couple of these.

Target is carrying Method soaps in Orla Kiely patterns for the fall.  Have you seen them? It just doesn't get much better than this. 

I really love Orla Kiely - from purses to wallpaper, her patterns look fresh and happy anywhere.  This wallpaper has been around a lot and it's discontinued now, but it will always be my favorite.

Wouldn't this be the happiest surprise in the closet?

Pretty Orla Kiely umbrella.

Orla clothes are amazingly charming. 

Always cute-cute handbags.

The thing is that Orla's pricey wallpaper, clothes and purses are not very likely to make it into my house.  But some Orla Kiely hand soap, I can manage.   I justified two, so I'd have an extra one on hand for a pretty, fall hostess gift.  You just never know when you'll need one.




  1. thanks to you, i have a little orla in my house now too. love you, sister!

  2. I love Target and can;t wait to pop in there when we go to Florida...love the soaps. Method has lovely packaging.

  3. a target 50 minutes away miiiight just be a good savings plan...just trying to see the up side of that. like yesterday i saw this adorable lamp...and there was only one shade left. i dreamed i went back to get it and the shade was gone! obsess much?? geesh!

  4. I'd not heard of her before now, but her designs are simply sweet! I took a quick look at her site... laminated cotton purses are always a favorite of mine. I'm so glad you got to have a Target outing; it's good to go here and there. :-) Miss you, friend! ~Jaimee

  5. I looked for them in my target and was disappointed not to find them! Thanks for the eye candy just the same! Take care, Laura

  6. Cailan! I am so happy you got to take a trip to Target!! I'm sure it felt like a bit of heaven :-)
    Have a wonderful evening!
    much love, ~jennifer

  7. That wallpaper was discontinued, but has been redesigned as a collaboration with Harlequin. We wrote about the collection this week on our blog.

  8. I completely love Her!! And honestly I agree... it's so pricey and not likely to land in my home either but now I have a reason to visit Target. (Which let's be honest, isn't very hard to come up with. Love my Target.)


  9. Ooh, I'll have to look for those at my Target (less than 10 min. away - whew)!

  10. Have my vanilla chai scented soap by my sink too! In Florida, there is no season change so I get a little bit of fall whenever I wash my hands.....I find myself washing them often ;) hehe.


  11. I do not remember how I "discovered" you, but months ago I found my way to your closet makeover. I bookmarked it and just have to tell you that it gave me the inspiration to move ahead on my entry way closet that I had procrastinated on reworking for more years than I would like to admit. ;) I wrote a post about it today. THANK YOU for the inspiration to do something about it!

    All the best!

  12. I love a bit of Orla! I have a really sweet silk scarf with her stem print on.
    People Tree have a line thats been designed by her too at the moment, Orla Kierly and fair trade, pretty fantastic!

  13. oooh! those are so cute!
    i for sure will never have any of her beauuutiful wallpaper in our home, but the soap is dreamy all by itself!
    you have such great taste.
    and i feel you pain...my closest Target is over an HOUR away...which ahs turned out to be a very good thing....for the pocketbook! :)

  14. I just came over to tell you that I miss you. Please come back. Sometimes I look at your blog just to get in a I-want-a-beautiful-house-too-so-I-better-clean-it-first mood. Please continue to motivate me. ;) KB

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