Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Baby Shower

So here are my "Left-over" photos from the Baby Shower last Saturday.  They are left-over pictures because they are literally taken of the left-overs after everyone had gone. :)  As I mentioned yesterday I was too busy trying to pull myself together and mis-measure lemonade to take pictures before the party.   So here's the after picture.

I was really glad I did the Bunting - I loved how it complemented the colors already in my living room/kitchen while lending such festive fun to the party.  
(The funny white things hanging behind the bunting are onsies hanging from a clothes line)

  The food was fairly simple.  Just my absolute-favorite-carrot-cake-recipe-cupcakes and coconut cupcakes made from Sister's recipe.  Then lemonade and lemon water and pretty chocolate-covered strawberries sweet Wendy made.

Of course, the strawberries were all gone by the time I took this pic, but below is a wobbly one I snatched during the shower.

Note: The Bunting is indeed still up, making everyday life feel wonderfully chipper.

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