Wednesday, March 30, 2011

40 Days, 40 Bags of Unlovliness Leaving My House!

So I read that somewhere that somebody was doing a 40 bags in 40 days challenge.  There was no link or explanation so I don't know if this is a "thing"?  But it's definitely needs to be my Thing.  I'm a chronic stuffer and when I do things like the Baby Shower, my stuffing tendencies go into over drive. (Imagine baskets of laundry tossed out in the.... garage, and coffer filters stuffed in the....freezer - but I was completely unconscious of doing the latter!)

So by Monday I was feeling a keen sense of MESS.  Can anyone say, "SPRING CLEANING"?  But instead of taking on the whole house, taking on one smallish, manageable mess each day for 40 days sounds just possible.  I will conquer the chaos - who's with me?!

Here's my list of 40 Unlovely Messes in my house.  At the end of 40 days, I plan to have gotten rid of a Bag of Unlovely, Unnecessary Mess from each space. 

40 Bags in 40 Days

1.  Front Closet - Bottom
2.  Front Closet - Top Shelf
3.  Laundry Room Cupboards
4.  My Closet - Left Side
5.  My Closet - Right Side
6.  My Under the Sink Cabinet
7.  My Sock Drawer
8.  My Pajama Drawer
9.  Hat and Scarf Drawer
10. Top of Desk
11. Sunroom Cabinet
12. Toys in Sunroom
13. Toys in Family Room
14. Twin's Closet
15. Twin's Dresser
16. Elias's Dresser
17. Elias's Closet
18. Under Elias's Bed
19. Twin's Green Dresser
20. Freezer
21. Pot Cupboard
22. Pantry Cupboard
23. Cup Drawer
24. Pampered Chef Boxes
25. Under the Kitchen Sink
26. Cookbook Cupboard
27. Underwear Drawer
28. Garage Freezer
29. File Cabinet
30. Under the Bed in the Basement
31. Chest in Family Room
32. Clothes Containers in Extra Closet
33. Clothes Hanging in Extra Closet
34. Sweetheart's Clothes Hanging in Closet
35. Sweetheart's Drawers
36. My Craft Chest
37. Silverware Drawer
38. Cupboards underneath blue bathroom
39. Linen Closet
40. Pantry food in Furnace Room

I had written out about 9 messes on the list, when I had to attend to some sad child, and my dear, sweet, highly loveable husband added on the following:

10. My Kitchen
11. My Kitchen
12. My Kitchen
13. My Kitchen
1001. My Kitchen
1002. My Kitchen
19820320192831. My Kitchen
19820320192832. My Kitchen
928309482019278367483919120038127319230128371237189923098298326109826. My Kitchen
928309482019278367483919120038127319230128371237189923098298326109827. My Kitchen
928309482019278367483919120038127319230128371237189923098298326109828. My Kitchen
928309482019278367483919120038127319230128371237189923098298326109829. My Kitchen
928309482019278367483919120038127319230128371237189923098298326109830. My Kitchen

Ha. It was the running joke of the day that I had attempted to clean the kitchen no less than four times that very day and just never quite got-her done....which makes me think I should really go finish cleaning my kitchen.) 

Update: I did go clean my kitchen all-the-way, and it feels SO GOOD.

Click HERE to Check on My Progress. :) I'm crossing them off each day - woohoo!


  1. Love your ideas to a clutter-free house. Sounds like a great plan and we wish you great success! :)
    We may just have to come visit you on the 41st day to see all this marvelous organization!
    ~Jaimee and Jennifer

  2. Is that sort-of like saying you'll believe it when you see it? ;) I wouldn't blame you for any doubts, though - it does feel overwhelming but I do already feel like I'm making progress! If only my wonderfully organized, super-tidy Texas friends could come give me some pointers... :)

  3. I am with you Cailan! I have a bunch of little projects like this myself and need to break them down into smaller projects. So thanks for the encouragement!

  4. I think the challenge is from Clover Lane: -- she's got a great blog.

    I like your blog -- it looks like you began it in Jan? You're off to a great run ... I just started my a couple of months ago, and I'm impressed with what you're doing.

    Good luck!