Tuesday, December 18, 2012

saturday waffles

Tradition. I love the sound of that word and all the possibility of pleasant times and warm memories it holds.  But when it comes to starting and sticking with one...
Early this fall, we discovered this waffle recipe and my children fell in love with the video of them being made - watched it over and over.  And then, we proceeded to dream of a waffle machine and a Saturday morning waffle tradition for two months. 

One day, I determined we would start the hunt for a machine, and I took us all to a local second-hand shop and actually did find this darling, vintage waffle machine for $2.  It then sat around for another whole month.

At last, on Saturday, December 1st,  I woke up and determined that this would be the day.  I wouldn't put if off or wait for someone to come hold my hand and do it for me anymore.  I would do it. We would make waffles.
I gathered the children around the kitchen counter, and we mixed the batter together and warmed up the old machine.  We had some fussing, some tears - all the built up excitement proved too much for some of our little hearts.

But almost magically one waffle after another was added to the stack.  And soon we were all sitting around our family table, having Saturday Morning Waffles. 

It was wonderful, so wonderful that we've made waffles every Saturday this month.  We just may have started a real-life Tradition.  Only time will tell, but we're making good memories in the meantime.  And by the bye, we love this recipe - it's packed with protein and gluten free, using almond flour instead of wheat.  The waffles have a sweet, nutty taste, perfect with butter and just a little real maple syrup. 

with love,



  1. such.cute.little.ones.!

    Waffles can take some time to make, but are so worth it! your recipe looks yummy too ~ thanks for sharing, dear friend!

  2. What a beautiful tradition and such precious little hearts. I found an old waffle maker similar to that but have been afraid to use it. You have given me courage!

  3. Oh Cailan- Always so inspiring and making everthing look lovely. You are wonder woman. MmMM waffles. Cute little helpers.

  4. How nice! What a great vintage waffle iron you found. I love old appliances. The last photo in your post is darling! Such sweet little ones you have. Merry Christmas,

  5. mmmmmm...that sounds so good!! we have a waffle maker and i hardly ever use it. thanks for the nudge :)

  6. how fun! love traditions and love waffles! :) and that pic of C holding up the stack of them is adorable!!!

  7. They look delicious!
    Gonna pin that recipe :)

  8. Oh my word this was totally one of our traditions for Christmas until three of us found out we were allergic to Gluten. Boo!

    Looks sweet and fun though.

    Merry Christmas!!

  9. Waffles for breakfast is always the best.

  10. yummmm! looks like a pretty good saturday to me!

  11. The waffles look absolutely delicious! I have to make some this weekend. Thanks for sharing, New Follower.


  12. LOVE your blog and I check it every once and awhile to see if you're coming back. Are you?