Friday, July 27, 2012


I finally took a bath in this little claw foot.   I've never been much of a bather, are you?
I never took one in our old home - but I think I've been converted.  
It was quite lovely.  

Sweetly accompanied by this decadent body cream just sent by a 
dear friend with instructions to pamper myself.

 I closed my eyes and (almost) successfully blocked out the fact that the bathroom -
still looks like this.


 I think I'll be desperate ready to tackle this space in the next week or so.  As with the kitchen, we hope to redo the whole thing someday...but in the meantime the challenge is to make what's already here work to it's best advantage.   Including the ivory linoleum, coffee colored sinks,

and these shutters.

 At least these knobs are cute.

Here's a few of my favorite bathrooms that I hope to use for inspiration now...and for that someday bathroom redo.

 source unknown


Alright, enough daydreaming - time to get back to work!
At least there's a bath to look forward to at the end of the day.  ; )  Perhaps you'll pamper yourself a little this weekend, too?  I do hope so.

love, cailan


  1. oh a clawfoot tub!! nice!! i love that first inspiration pic with those metal lights...yes!! that's my vote :)

  2. such a pretty tub. I just love all your inspiration pics!! how is the week going with your mom???! give her a hug for me and have some fun with all her great help. :-) love you!!

  3. ooh, and the knobs really are cute! So glad GOD is blessing you with some quiet moments to be refreshed and renewed. Love you, Cailan!

  4. LOVE these inspiration pics! the first one is my fave, but they are all lovely!
    you'll get there! :)

  5. A bath - that sounds SO relaxing! Hope you get more times to take advantage of that clawfoot tub in between ALL your re-modeling. :)