Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Make Some Vintage Sheet Bunting

Being fully aware that every sort of possible bunting has certainly been made by creative bloggers everywhere, I will yet post the bit of bunting I made for the vintage bridal shower.

Last summer I caught the thrifting bug and rummaged up quite a nice little stack of vintage sheets
And though I had yet to make something of them, I've enjoyed using them so much, especially for tablecloths and fort/tent-making.

But as every party needs some sort of bunting, I thought it high time to break out my stash of sheets and make some.   

 Nothing could be simpler than squares of sheets, sewn between the fold of "extra wide double fold bias tape", found at walmarts.  {You can find a detailed how-to in this post from last year}

When I planned the shower, I had envisioned having it outside as a picnic of sorts, but unfortunately the weather did not cooperate.   

 Undeterred, the other beautiful day I took it out back and hung it up.  It is so happy looking, I think I shall have to make some more bunting and hang it all about outside the new house...

...and have a party.


  1. Oh so pretty. This is inspiring - vintage sheets would make such pretty valences for a kitchen.

  2. oh, that is so beautiful!
    that biased tape is such a great idea.
    it made sewing banners so much easier for me, too!
    i love the whimsy of the sheets, though.
    really really sweet, cailan. :)

  3. so cute. i've made banners from vintage sheets that!

  4. So pretty! I love this idea. The pictures look like they should be in a magazine.


  5. I like the simplicity of it! Very good idea.