Monday, February 20, 2012

A Pigtail Experiment

I don't think there's any denying it - pigtails are just happy.  I used to wear pigtails pretty faithfully when I was sixteen -  pigtails with a beloved red hat from Abercrombie.

About a month ago I got half a foot chopped of my hair.
I've worn it long for about the last ten years, so this was Substantial Change. 
Within I couple days it hit me that my hair was now pretty good......pigtail length.  Hadn't tried them since sixteen, so I decided to do a Pigtail Experiment:

{note that the Pigtail Experiment coincidentally coincided with the Learn How to Use Your iphone Experiment}

I wore pigtails for about two weeks straight
{and tried to take a few goofy iphone pictures}

I loved how easy it was to do my hair everyday - no time, no fuss - 
just neat, happy-fun hair that is out of my face.  

Five weeks later, pigtails are my go-to hair-do.

{And just now - yes, just this moment - I managed set up my email on the phone and take an Instagram pic.  Big Day.}

The data was most conclusive -
pigtails make me just as happy as they did at sixteen.

....and yes, I find they do grant one just that touch of youthful fun
that is rather bolstering as one turns 30.

So here's to embracing some happy fun at any age. ; )
{and making a concerted effort to figure out my phone}


  1. Love your pigtails! Your right they are happy and of my good friends always wears pigtails. I always think they look so good!

  2. They are perfect for you.
    You manage to look adorable and beautiful at the same time!
    And congrats on figuring out your phone!
    Love from,

  3. you are so cute! love the youthful and cheery look :-)
    Happy Birthday dearest friend!

  4. happy birthday to my cute, pig-tail wearing sister! :)

  5. I love pigtails! I haven't worn them in a while, either.. I think I'll give them a try again! :)

    -Bonnie @ Revolutionaries

  6. You look so cute...I may give pig tails a try again, too!


  7. today IS all about hair, huh? :) adorbs, girl...totally.

  8. you are adorable and beautiful and just so cute! :)
    love the pigtails.

  9. You rock pigtails much that you make me want to try them for myself. [I've never been much of a fan. :)]

  10. You look lovely in pig tails :))
    As a sixteen year old, I cannot share your former love for pigtails. I wore them for summer camp one day when I was still 15 and told myself I would NEVER wear them when I turned 16. They make me look like I am 12, and people already think I look like I'm 12. So yeah...but they look great on you! I wish they would actually look good on me, I love the look, I just can't bring myself to wear it out of the house.
    Much love! <3 <3 <3

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