Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Not Enough Time? Really?

No pretty pictures, or project reveals to share today - 
just sharing what's going on in my heart.

"There's just not enough time."
"I need more hours in the day."

How many times a day do we make these statements?   I know I say them often - maybe not aloud, but under my breath, or in my head.  And it's often the excuse I readily put forth when things - important things - are left undone.

But is it really True? 

I'm going to admit to you that things around our home have been unraveling a bit.  

I find so much joy in finding, creating and sharing the everyday lovely with you.  
But sometimes getting to have this joy has been more important than taking care of my little people, my sweetheart, and our home.  In this way the everyday lovely... hasn't been so lovely.

So over the weekend my longtime good, wise friend, Gail sat down with me and went over this Time problem I seem to be having.  I want to share a little of what she shared with me. She reminded me of something I'd heard her say years ago.

God gives me all the Time I need.
And the amount He gives - 24 hours, 7 days a week - is good.

My problem is with Time Management.  I have a Calendar and Lists to do, and in order to make them work my Calendar and my Lists need to get married.
But I don't want to marry the two because I don't want to be Responsible and say "no" to stuff that doesn't fit into the calendar.
Instead I want to just blame God, "there isn't enough time".

 I'm not going to blame God any more.  He gives me all the time I truly need.

Titus 2 reminds me of my priorities:
1. To love my husband 
2. To love my children 
3. To keep my home
And while I do think that Everyday Lovely fits under Keeping my Home to some measure, for me it probably shouldn't come before cooking dinner for my family or crafting with my kiddos. 

This Doesn't mean that Everyday Lovely is being shuffled off my calendar.  But it is being moved down the list of priorities.  First on the list, is reminding my husband and my kiddos that they come first - they are my first joy.  

So when you see a post here, I pray it will be true that I have attended to these very good things God have given me to do and enjoy first.

Thanks for letting me share.
Hope you enjoy this very good day.


  1. I think as bloggers we all struggle with this from time to time. Although it shouldn't be, it is sometimes hard to keep those priorities in order! Thank you for this reminder & for sharing your heart!

  2. I was just writing a similar post last night...we become so busy creating that we forget to take care of the blessings we already have. I know I do...

  3. I appreciate your honesty so much! I know that I would much rather be making something than cleaning my house or making dinner, but I feel best when I am able to achieve some balance between care-taking and creativity. It doesn't happen nearly often enough, but it's definitely something that I am working on. I'm glad to know that I'm not alone on this particular journey! Good luck to you!

  4. i can totally relate! the other day, i was making a necklace and praying about the spiritual meaning behind it, and God said to me in my heart of hearts, "You have all the time you need." He's continually showing me that He will enable me to get everything done that HE has called me to do - no more, no less.

  5. Well-said, dear friend. I totally concur!! Thanks for sharing your heart. Love you much!

  6. I can relate to this so much. I blog when my youngest is napping but when that goes away, when? MY time is never that, MINE. It is always someone elses but someday I will regret having too much ME time and wish that I was stretched just a bit. So go hug that family and enjoy every minute. Will you have 10,000 views that month? No. Will you care? I hope not. You are doin' the right thing. Lots of hugs,

  7. O dear Cailan, so glad that the Lord is teaching you this precious lesson so early in your life as a wife and mother of three. Yes, I agree that the 'fun' projects are just that fun, but what is MOST important is the priceless gift that you have been given; to be the best wife and mother that He enables you to be. Then He will provide you with the extra time to do the 'fun' things. I admire your willingness to post such a valuable lesson and may many others glean from your post.
    Many hugs and much love, Mrs. Lavin

  8. Oh my friend, I completely understand all your feelings. I get so frustrated at myself when I'm not able to accomplish what's on my list every day..I'm in the process of learning some time management skills myself so I'm right there with ya! Hang in there!

  9. thank you for sharing from your heart - I've been there before too. Much love to you dear friend!

  10. Thank you for sharing your heart and remaining faithful to your priorities. At the end of the day/end of our lives, what has eternal value is what we have poured into those precious lives and how we have served the Lord faithfully. Blogging is great, and I love reading them, but for a married with children woman to remain balanced, it must be way down on the priority list. You will be blessed!

  11. Oh my goodness I feel you big time! Seriously, I have thought about walking away from my blog because I feel like I give it so much attention. My husband said just tonight "Why does our house have to look like this so much?" Nd sadly I could'nt give him an answer other than because I'm busy doing things to basically blog about... Yes, you go and take care of that beautiful family of yours. We will be here. And I think I will do the same:)

  12. you are so right! thank you for the encouragement today, Cailan, and for being real. you are a blessing! :)

  13. Well said, dear Cailan. I have to keep boundaries too--I tell myself, "blogging is a hobby." When time allows. That's it. Good for you--and I'll be here enjoying your aesthetic and your artistic eye whenever you get around to it. Blessings on you!

  14. I totally understand. In fact, I just made the really hard decision to take a break from blogging so that I could have more time for other, more important things, like taking care of my family and my home, making sure there are clean towels, dishes, etc. and that there's at least one gallon of milk in the fridge! Ironically, it was my 31-day series about vintage living in a modern world that made me realize I'm not honoring the Lord with how I spend me time.

  15. Thank you for this! I am not a blogger but often wonder how you women do it all, have a beautiful house, 2 or more kids, and a hubby, and do all these fabulous DIY's on your blogs, PLUS you are blogging about it everyday!!. I was beginning to feel like a schmuck. I am a stay at home Mom, have one child, 3 pets, and a hubby and I can only get one wall painted in my bedroom a day(sometimes with several days in between the next wall).
    I guess it is all about balance.
    I commend you for taking the time for the super important things in your life!

  16. This is a beautiful post, a bit of lovely for everyday.

  17. thank you for linking up! i loved this honest post of yours (read it on my reader). your rawness exuding from the computer is so real. thank you for linking up! xoxo.

  18. Recently I got a teabag with the tag on the end that has clever sayings, this one said:
    "When God made time - He made enough"
    It's what I do with it that matters..........

    Thanks for sharing from your heartlessons