Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday Observations

#1 You know that you've probably been relaxing your personal standards a little too much when...
You decide to put on little make-up and your four-year-old asks "are we going to church today?"

#2 You know that you've probably been relaxing your housekeeping habits a little too much when...
Your husband notices there's an unusual echo in your master bedroom - it sounds "empty"
... because you've finally cleaned out all the mess.


So, it's time to step it up a little bit, and I've been trying hard at it.
 My husband may love me whether I wear make-up or not, but he's worth a little more effort.
My children may be happy whether their home is messy or not, but they deserve a better example. 

And one final observation:

It doesn't matter how many cute clothes you might have
...if they are all in the laundry basket, you can't be cute in them.

Three cheers for finally catching up on the laundry, and a cute outfit all ready for wearing.

{Yes, I think ironing is generally for the birds - why do you ask?} 

{Linking to Capturing Motherhood}


  1. That outfit is adorable. If it were hanging on my door I'd wear it right now!

  2. Ha! I'm with you! If I ever found a wrinkled shirt that said "I hate ironing" on the front...I'd totally buy it. Cute outfit, btw.

  3. totally agree about the ironing thing. never, ever do that. love that you linked up! thank you!! and thanks for sharing your {im}perfections.