Monday, July 30, 2012

time for an outing

My mum ended up not coming last week as she came down with a very bad cold-flu.  We apparently did not want to be left out and came down with little colds of our own.

So what does one do when you are missing your mum and out with a cold and the house is an Epic mess? You go out antiquing, of course.

Now, I can take no responsibility for the notion - it was entirely my sweetheart's idea.  But I do believe it was a very good idea indeed.  Here's the collection of treasures I brought home. Also featured in these pictures, our exceedingly chippy front porch. 

So glad for this extra-tall turquoise jar - it will be just the thing for big bouquets.

I adore this little box.  It was just three dollars and I can think of at least four places I want to use it.

Nice little stack of jadeite saucers.  Yes, they are saucers, but I think they will make perfect cookie plates.  And just look at those shades of green.

Final find are these two cola crates. I've been wanting some of these for a good bit, esp to use for setting up outdoor parties, but kept finding them at least $25-$30 on Craigslist and antique stores.  So glad I held out as these were just $10 a piece.  hoo-ray.

So that's the nonsense we've been up to.  How about you?

resolved to be very industrious from now on,
and with love,


  1. nice I specially love the jadeite saucers.. I collect them...recently just got me a platter and creamer...Your boxes are great looks like a wonderful time...Happy Tuesday with love Janice

  2. Love those crocheted potholders. All great finds.

  3. what wonderful finds!
    i find that antiquing almost always takes the blues away. ;)

  4. I love those saucers too! What a fun outing... hope you're all feeling much better, and very soon!! love you!

  5. I really like the turquoise jars! so happy you could do some adventuring despite the colds. Much love to you all!

  6. Nice finds! I love Jadeite and would have more of it in our house but my hubby really doesn't care for it. I have a few pieces though which I adore! Love your soft drink crates, and what a great price! Isn't it fun to go antiquing? Hope you're over your colds!

  7. What great finds! I think my favorite are the cola crates - if you find more can you send them to me??? Ha! ;)