Friday, February 10, 2012

Hearts About the House

There's nothing very amazing about these pictures I'm sharing's all just book pages, glitter and hearts.  I had so much fun with decorating for Valentine's day in simple little ways this year.

{these chocolates are already - ahem - long gone :}

Made these cardboard glitter hearts last year.  You can see they're a little worse for wear, but still happy.

A favorite hymn.


Favorite people.

I adore these little mailboxes from Target's dollar section, but even more I love how my sister is using them "mail" little love notes to her kiddos everyday this month.  You can read about her wonderful lovely idea {HERE}.   I'm looking forward to writing my kiddos notes for the next week.

It's such a sweet holiday!  I love having all the hearts about our home.  They really are lovely, little reminders to just love one another.  

Definitely contemplating keeping them up year least a couple hearts. :)


  1. Your house looks lovely and those chocolates would not have lasted a day in my house either! You have inspired me to decorate a little more. I have been crafting and baking, but have little up for decoration yet! Gosh, if I make it to Target I will look for the little sweet!
    I am also putting that verse on my chalboard. Love it:)!


  2. sister, do you know that your first real post was almost exactly a year ago...and it was of your valentine decorations too! happy anniversary. the world is a much better place with everyday lovely around! ;)

  3. I love the simplicity! The heart garland and glitter hearts are just too precious!


  4. You take the most beautiful photos--makes every post look so special. I also love the words to that hymn. As soon as I read them I realized that I sang those words with my college choir--they were set to classical music, and now I'm humming it to myself. Great memory--thanks!

  5. Just lovely! I would also wish to keep those sweet hearts up all year :) Happy weekend, Cailan.

  6. Such beautiful decore - I am inspired now! :) Happy weekend to you!

  7. Been awhile since I stopped by. Had to come check out what loveliness you have been up to. Beautifulness as usual. Love the colors of those little sweet!

  8. I love all your "heart" decorations..I'm sure your family feels very loved.

  9. Thanks for stopping by the other day...the returns are sadly still in the trunk of my car...time for a Target run! Your photography is beautiful and so is your home! So glad to know about your blog and totally excited to be your newest follower! Xo, Aimee

  10. Love all these pictures -- even if you think there is nothing too amazing about them. Such sweet + simple decorations. I love them all!